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21st December, 2007, Club Cabana

After a lot of confusions on the scheduling of this event, it was finally decided that the Portal and Content Management Practice team from Bangalore would head to Club Cabana on 21st December. Club Cabana is a club / resort a little off Devanahalli main road on NH 7.

This outing was organized for the team for two basic reasons: One, this would be a nice stress buster outing which would help us all rejuvenate. Two, this would be a nice platform to personally interact with all the team members and get to know everyone in the team. Which ever way everyone saw this outing to be, it turned out to be one nice outing that would be remembered for a long time.

The start to the outing was not particularly good though. I got to the office only to find out only few members of the team would be able to make it to the outing. This made me think if there is going to be a fun side to this outing or would it end up to be an outing that we are just there as a mere formality. Soon this doubt was put to rest when I got to know that a sizable number of people from our Chennai team would be there to join us on this outing. Soon the slim numbers swelled up to be a sizable 15 or so. We finally hit the road on the bus arranged for us. Since the destination was around 30-35 kms away, we expected to reach in around 60-90 minutes.

After a brief round of introductions, we started off with the usual Antaskhari. Going by the fact that the team was from all parts of India, the Antaskhari turned out to be a multi-lingual one which was fun indeed. The fun had started off. On the way Vinod sang for a beautiful and melodious Malayalam song. We surely have a good singer with a great voice in our team now. 3 more team members joined us on the way and got on the bus from the Manyatha TechPark branch.

We got to our destination and were happy to see the weather stay so good so far. After long rainy sessions from the past two days, we had our worries about the weather. The weather gods were with us and luckily it stayed good all day long.


Entry to the Club

After a brief breakfast session, we headed out to explore what was available in the club. And being Indians with Cricket in our blood, most of us thought Cricket would be a nice game to start off with. Soon there were two teams and the match was underway. We were 7 overs through in the first innings and the match had to be abruptly stopped since there were team games arranged else where for us. But if at all the match had continued the outcome of the match was very obvious. The team which was bowling first was in a comfortable position to win the match soon. I am sure the team members of the other team will have comments on this. Please do drop in any comments in the comments section of this blog.



Sashi and Parag had arranged for us three team games and it turned out to be real fun, especially the Mystery Dodge Ball. One team (team that I was on) clearly out played the other in two of the three games. After these fun filled games, the whole team dispersed to use the facilities available at the club.


Team Game


The Balloon game


Dodge Ball

Everyone was busy with Billiards, TT, Carrom, Tennis, Badminton, etc. And before we all realized we had reached lunch time and it was time to grab some food for our grumbling tummies.

Post lunch was when the actual fun started. A bunch of people headed to the Bowing arena and a few hit the water. Since I dint want to get into the water right after a heavy lunch, I joined in with the Bowling group. The first round of play was the usual one and we all scored well. The second round is where we started some weird Bowling tricks. Spins that never worked as it had to, twin attack on the same lane all at once which strangely dint hit even one pin both the times, the reverse Bowling, name it and we did all that. One of us even let our legs do the Bowling on one of the frame! We followed this session with few exciting rounds of FoozeBall and Snooker.


Bowling Skills

More Bowling

The other group which had hit the water right after lunch must have had an awesome time too. I welcome anyone in that group to put in your say in the comment section of this blog. Some of us from the Bowling group joined them in the waters for a while. The wave pool, the water slides, the wave pool were all too much fun.

Wave pool

The Wave Pool

Waves in the wave pool


Soon it was time for all of us to get out of the water and get ready to head home. All in all, this experience was a real good one which we would all remember for quite a while.

The whole set of snaps uploaded at:


Things we missed out this time:

  1. A good Digi-cam to click good quality pictures. We had to go with a few mobile phones to fill in the gap here.
  2. A final group photo before we headed home.