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Hang in there

Posted: February 2, 2019 in Life, Stress, Thoughts

Good days and bad days, part of life ain’t it? Good time and bad times are part of everyone’s timelines. It is when this balance tilts, your life balance tilts. In no time you feel, when the bad gets going, the worse gets going. You see everything around you with a negative lens. You would hear you are not good at something, you adjust the way you handle it. You would then hear you are not good at something else, you adjust again. You would hear you are not good at anything, you start seeing things differently. The negative lens wouldn’t help. You get start feeling nothing can go right. You start feeling like a failure. You feel down and out. You would wonder why you feel alone in a crowd. You know things around you would not change and you are tired of changing the way you see things or do things.

Hang in there.

There would be one point of time you realize nothing you do would change a thing around you. That is when you take the balance in your control. You walk off from conflicts. You turn a blind eye to negativity. You stop hearing chatter that would have put you down before. You see things the way you want to see it.

When you know things around you would not change, this is the best state of mind to be in.

Hang in there and stay strong!

Elastic bands (popularly known as Rubber bands) are known for their elasticity. Pull it apart and release it, it assumes a similar shape back again. Every such band has a shelf life though. Every time you stretch it and release it, the rubber keeps losing elasticity. Keep doing it often and it would give way to pressure one day. Or stretch it too hard all at once and it might snap before you realize it. What ever way you do it, the band is never the same again. It can never be back to the same state it originally started with. Laws of physics at play here.

I was comparing this to relationships. I found this uncanny similarity between the two. Let me tell you how.

Every relationship has its ups and downs but they are kept together with a similar kind of elasticity. At times when it goes through stress, the band gets pulled apart. Then you patch up your problems and the stress on the band is released. The relationship comes back to its similar original shape again. But it is now not as good as it originally was. The fact that it was put under stress would always remain somewhere at the back of your mind. However hard you try, its close to impossible to bring it back to the original state.

Now keep doing this many times. Over and over again. At times pull it a bit, at times a lot. Every pull is pulling it away from its original shape/state. Cross the limits and one day it snaps free. Breakups and incurable sorrows.

On the other hand, keep the band as-is and don’t put any stress on it. It would get quite boring. After a while it might just decompose and lose everything it could have done. Lifeless and meaningless relationships!

Rubber bands need to be seasoned with care. You pull it too hard in the the first go and it snaps out without a fight. Early breakups and sorrows. It has a better chance of surviving if stresses are on a low side at start and the rubber gets seasoned. After a bit, it would have better chance of surviving a bit more stress. After a while a bit more. Gradual increase in stress makes us seasoned and we learn how to handle it well. A bit more and we readjust and learn again. Control the stress on that band!

Some bands are thick and some are thin. The better the band is, the better the survival rates. Similar analogy can be made with relationships. The more flexibility between the two, the thicker the band is.

Isn’t it a bizarre similarity!

What kind of bands are your relationships? What state are they presently in? Keep the elasticity in check. Something to think about…