Over International Airspace

Posted: March 28, 2006 in Life, Me, Thoughts, Travel

It all started off on this wonderful day when I came to know that I may have to go to UK for a week for some really important work. I hardly knew anything about what was to come and what I could expect. No one was sure though who all would be going for this trip. Apparently our clients British Telecom would decide on who could attend this event. At least that was what we were told.

Hot House, an event organized by British Telecom very regularly is attended by some of the best designers from a wide range of companies who provide services to them. It’s the place where big business deals are made purely based on the performance of the teams that are sent to this event. I guess I won’t go into details of the actual event (just because I don’t know much myself as off now). The best time to write about this would be when I actually finish attending one off these. All I know now is that it’s one the best opportunities I have had in life till now. Just the idea of working with the best of the best holds me at awe. I really don’t know how I would fit into all this, but I will be trying to take the best out of everything that happens in the next week.

The flights that were booked for us were Jet Airways, a rather better choice than the usual Air India flights that our company usually books. We were all expecting a real good flying experience. But I guess for a person of my height, it is really hard to find a good means of transport. I realized this today. As I type now, its 5 hours into the flight and I am not able to grab any sleep. Thanks to the congested seating (For my height any seating would be really crampy). But the rest of the services are amazingly good. The people who travel regularly tell me that its better than the best international brands of flying. They actually said Jet would give Virgin a run for their money on this sector.

This was my first international flight and I should say, it has been a real scenic one till now. My flight flew over Pakistan, Iran, Turkey and is now approaching Greece. It would carry on flying over Ukraine, Germany and France before it reaches London’s Heathrow airport. Barren lands are all we could see over Iran and Pakistan.


Coast Line

This changed drastically as soon as we started passing over Turkey. The pictures outside were really amazingly beautiful. I have never seen such things in my life. Pure white color covered all the lands below. It really felt like someone had painted all the land with nothing but white. Snow clad mountains, frozen lakes – everything I saw was white. To top it all, these were all covered with wonderfully looking puffy cotton balls – the clouds – again white :).


Over Greece

It was all so tempting, I wished I could be down there touching and playing with the snow. If only I could ask the pilot to slow down so that I could take a plunge with a parachute on. Would have been perfect, wouldn’t it??? At least if only I could ask the pilot to fly low so that I can get a clear snap of all I wanted. Hmm… How I wish god would hear my call and he would see to that it snows either in London or Ipswitch when I go there to stay.

We are now approaching Ukraine. Looking forward to see lots of better things. The pilot told us when we started flying that the temperature when we land would be less than 10 deg centigrade. I have never been in places with temperatures like that before! Lots of first timers for me J

It is really nice that I have a laptop with me. I just felt like writing something and there it was. This is one reason that I can’t blog more. Whenever I feel like writing something, I never have any access to any systems. Anyways, I guess I ll go back to my window gazing now. Hope I have not missed anything till now.


More in the next entry…

  1. emmadonovan says:

    i hope you have a great flight!

  2. Swaroop C H says:

    Nice. Flight-blogging 🙂

  3. kshitiz says:

    Thz a nice piece of work.. u were luck u got window seat DUDE!!.. apparantely, i was not 😦

  4. humbug says:

    @emmadonavan: Yes I did have a gr8 flight. Nice experience. Full marks to the Jet crew 🙂

    @Swaroop: Yep … one more new thing for me 🙂

    @Kshitiz: Ha Ha Ha …

  5. Gurunath M says:


    U r at ur best as always. This blog was good…How ever I remember my first international travel, I was amazed by the way clouds formation was way above the ground. They looked like huge cotton puffs…and the early morning sun trickling down the windows very very early in the day….though I am a movie buff I didnt see even one movie on flight that day and neither did i sleep…such an amazing experience

    Keep writing….

  6. badrinath says:

    dude, now u have ggot me imagining about that kind of journey in a flight over all those cou ntries

  7. manjunath says:


    the blog is too good.Hope you had a great journey.

  8. Melina says:

    very interesting. i’m adding in RSS Reader

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