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Bheja Fry

Posted: April 27, 2007 in Movies, Thoughts

Bheja Fry- Offical movie website


Official Movie Website>>

Cast: Sarika (Sheetal), Rajat Kapoor (Ranjeet Thandani, Vinay Pathak (Bharat Bhusahn), Ranvir Shorey (Asif, the income tax-officer), Milind Soman (Anant Ghoshal) and Bhairavi Goswami (Suman Rao) Director: Sagar Bellary

Bheja Fry is an awesome movie. I just loved watching it. It’s a movie for everyone. I am very sure everyone who watches this movie will laugh his heart out.


It’s the story of a group of smug urbanites who invite an idiot for dinner every week, laughing up the evening at his expense. Of course, the idiot turns the tables.


Bheja Fry is actually a remake of a French movie Le Diner De Cons (The Dinner Game).


Here is the synopsis of the movie:

Ranjeet Thadani (Rajat Kapoor), a bored, arrogant music company executive hurts his back the night he has found a prize catch for a weekly bring- your-idiot talent dinner hosted by his friends and him. He ends up spending the evening with this idiot, Bharat Bhushan (Vinay Pathak) who tries to help him get his wife (Sarika) back who left him earlier that day. The result is utter chaos let loose by the idiot, who cannot do a single thing without messing it up further.

The plot turns around to be a series of mini disasters that leave Ranjeet’s comfortable life in ruins.


The main protagonist of the movie is Vinay Pathak who plays the role of Bharat Bhushan, a roly-poly officer with the Income Tax department. His innocence and his obsession for singing gets him trapped in Ranjeet Thadani’s house. He shares his pain through Hindi songs and a scrap book which contains memoirs of his childhood. He relentlessly tries to be of some help to Ranjeet Thadani, only to make matters worse on every front. A likeable, warm little fellow, he is undeniably a big time goof up.


I won’t revile reveal much of the movie and spoil your fun. But I do suggest that you make it a point to watch this wonderful movie. This is what a comedy movie should be like- no heavy dialogs, no vulgar slang, no provocative scenes. Just plain ol’ situational comedy. Just perfect to tickle your funny bone a little.


BTW, a point worth mentioning- That the movie is not a long boring one. It’s just around 1 hour 45 minutes long.


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Happy Birthday to me!

Posted: April 13, 2007 in Birthday, Thoughts

11th April, 2007 – I was just checking the news to see if something good happened on that day. This is what I found!


Oopsi! Lets not go there again 🙂


The reason I did that was because I turned 25 years old on 11th April, 2007.


It was a very memorable day all through. At the stroke of midnight I started getting calls from a lot of friends to wish me on my birthday. As this was happening, I realized that my cute little sister was standing at the doorstep with a cake and a candle on it 🙂 You can imagine the smile on my face to see something like that. That was really sweet of her.


Cake No.1


It gets better as it goes! I cut the cake and my sister gives me the gifts she had bought. A cute bouquet of exotic flowers which just broadened the smile that was already on my face 🙂 She follows it up with another set of gifts, couple of movies I was searching for from a long time. She had found the DVDs of Million Dollar Baby and Dil Chahta Hai!


Flowers for my Bday

Bday Gifts


Found a vase for those lovely flowers:

Flowers in the vase!


Thank you so much Pujha. Love ya a lot 🙂


I wake up in the morning and I am having my breakfast when I get my second big surprise. My close friends Balaji, Swaroop and Srinivas arrived with a cake for me 🙂


Cake No.2


Thank you guys. You really made my day!


The rest of the day at work was really amazing too. On an average, I got a phone call / a SMS / a mail at least once every 15 minutes! At the end of the day my sent messages folder on my outlook and my phone were filled up with Thank You messages. My Orkut scrapbook was not different either. Almost 40-50 people remembered to wish me there as well 🙂


It was really amazing and touching to see so many people taking time out to wish me on my birthday. Thank you so much everyone. That really meant a lot to me!


I really thought I was through with all surprises for the day. Well I was totally wrong. Guess what? I had another party on the bus way back home! Route 203 is what I ply on – my company bus. I feel really lucky to have chosen this route. Reason- The bus is full of really sweet, enthusiastic and energetic people. We all make it a point to have a gala time till we reach home everyday (A fun way to keep away the Bangalore Traffic blues).


Everyone on the bus had teamed up to get me a cake 🙂 Yes! My third in the day 🙂 Am I lucky or what.


The cake on the bus…


Cake No.3


Thank you everyone on 203. Thank you so much 🙂


I finally reached home and ended the absolutely wonderful day with a warm dinner with my parents and sister. Did have some yummy food at dinner!


Dinner - Starters


And who says birthdays are just another day with nothing special happening… In fact I just discovered that a person celebrates something called Unbithday on any of the 364 or 365 days in which it is not the person’s birthday. So what are you waiting for? Keep wishing me all year through.


Happy Unbirthday to you too…