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India Then…

Posted: February 24, 2006 in India

Try this Link… India Then
Very intresting set of pictures of India in the past. Great collection.

MBT > Tech Mahindra

Posted: February 22, 2006 in Me, Mumbai

As on 16th February, 2006 our company bears a new name. Mahindra British Telecom from now on will be known as Tech Mahindra.

Our new identity was launched in Mumbai by Anand Mahindra, Vice-Chairman of the Mahindra Group and Clive Ansell, Group Director Strategy, BT.

Five Point Someone

Posted: February 21, 2006 in Books, Thoughts

It has been a while since I made a blog entry. Though I wish to do this more often I am hardly finding time to keep up. But this time, one strong reason made me write this entry keeping all the other important things aside! This is how much I liked the book I just read.

My friend Vinay had bought this book “Five Point Someone – What not to do at IIT” a few days back. He read through the book and recommended that I too read it. This was the first time I read a novel written by an Indian and I must say I am quite impressed by the story.

Chetan Bhagat, the author of this book narrates his life at IIT in this book. The story is about three hostelmates – Alok, Hari and Ryan get off to a bad start in IIT right from Day 1. Things just start falling apart from that time on. All the adventures, hardships, fun and all the emotions that they went through are beautifully depicted. The whole book is really hilarious and just shows you how life on the edge could be for someone.

When I started reading the book and I got an impression that this book was going to be just another book with an average story. But it really got interesting as I read along. There are many places in the story where you can actually relate incidents in your life which are very similar to what is depicted (We may not have done real crazy stuff as it is in the book, but the similarity quite is still there!). The best part was the ending which I really loved the most.

So, my final take – great book, really enjoyable and the best part for many non-regular readers – the book is really small. You can actually finish reading it in a day.

This book really gets way more than five point something on a scale of ten.

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