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The Facebook 10th year Look back video feature went viral for a few days. In no time, most friends I knew had shared one. It got to a point where many folks got tired of seeing only that all over their walls. I am not sure about them but when I created mine, I couldn’t just stop from sharing it. Not just because I wanted others to watch it, it was because I wanted to watch it whenever I wanted to. To date, I don’t get tired watching it again and again. It is really hard not to smile every time I watch it.

The music, the images that were picked, the theme, the concept – there was something in it which made it very special to me. The pictures that were chosen by Facebook were from some of my most memorable and happiest moments of my life. What I noticed is that Ashu (my wife) is in most of those pictures. It has been close to 7 years since we have known each other now and it has been one heck of a happy journey so far! All these pictures bring back lot of happy memories we have spent as a couple and as a family now. Lots of memories and emotions flood my mind.

Since the time she has been in my life, I have got nothing but unconditional love from her. It is just hard for me not to love anything she does. The way she laughs, the way she talks, the way she fights with me, the way she scolds me (yup she does!), the energy she has, the list is endless… I often wondered how one person can change the whole world for you. Now that I have seen and experienced that, it is hard not to believe it. My life feels complete with her being around.

Our lives changed again when our little bundle of joy joined. We both had our own small little family now. A year and a half back seems ages to us now, since the time Arnu was born. We both were just too delighted to add more happiness to our lives. Now we never get tired having him around and spending all the time with him.

If I ever have a chance, I would want our lives to rewind back and I would want us to do all the same things we have done so far all over again. You both make my life special and I will be ever grateful for it!

Thanks to Facebook for striking the right chords with me. I get to relive many of my happy moments whenever I watch my Facebook Look back video!

Link to my Facebook Look Back Video