It was 19th October, 2007 and this date meant a lot for many people on the Formula-1 circuits. This Friday was the start of the practice sessions for the last race of the 2007 season. If you asked anyone on this day as to who would clinch the 2007 Driver’s Championship, no one would have had an answer to it. It was that close a finish to even predict anything out of it.

After the Japanese Grand Prix on 30th September, 2007, the rookie Lewis Hamilton was the firm favorite to romp home with this season’s Driver’s Championship. Lewis with a clear lead of 12 points from his team mate Fernando Alonso looked all set to become the first ever rookie driver to clinch the Driver’s Championship. But lady luck seemed to have deserted him for the last two races. He retired in the Chinese Grand Prix and this set up a 3 way battle for the Brazilian Grand Prix – the final race of the season. It would be either Lewis Hamilton or Fernando Alonso or Kimi Räikkönen who would walk home with the Driver’s Championship.

Lewis had a 3 points lead on his team mate Alonso and a 7 points lead over Kimi. So on 19th October, 2007 at the start of the practice sessions for the Brazilian Grand Prix, Kimi (Also known as Ice Man for his cool head / Flying Finn) had a very outside chance of making it through to the top. Some thing dramatic had to happen to Lewis’ car and he had to finish first. Guess what? It just happened.

What a finale to the season it was today (Sunday)! What a race! According to me this was one of the best races of the 2007 season. It was a total action packed race right from the start to the finish. I really dint know whom to support for this race. There is this rookie Lewis who has exceeded all expectations to the point where he is in the best position. Then there is our defending champion Alonso just 3 points away. Then there is Kimi who has done a dramatic turn around to get to the position he has.

At the start of the race day, Felipe Massa sitting pretty at the pole position for this race meant a lot to Ferrari. What a team-man Massa has proved to be this season. I don’t really know weather the way both Ferrari drivers started off the Start-Finish line was planned but what we could witness was the perfect example of how team-work should be. As soon as the 5 red lights went off, Massa banked right to block Lewis (in the 2nd place) and this opened up a window for Kimi (in the 3rd place) to get himself in front of Lewis. Alonso (in the 4th place) also cashed in on this move and jumped up one place. But from 2nd to the 4th in a few seconds was nothing but a disastrous start that Lewis wouldn’t have wanted.

But all was not lost until Lewis’ car gave in with an electronics failure after a few laps. Gear shifts on his car were not coming through and he slumped back to the 18th place! This ruined all his chances to win a seasons championship which he has actually dominated from the start.

Massa led most of the first part of the race. But a clever pit strategy put Kimi in the lead for the rest of the race. Once Kimi got the lead all he could do is do his best to keep his position and hope things would pan out on his back to his favor. And that’s exactly what happened! Lewis managed to get to the 7th position at the end of the race. But this was just now enough.

There were so many shuffling of positions in the race that everyone was going mad to keep up with what each change in position would mean to the Drivers Championship. At a point of time I had to take a paper and pen to actually jot down the point scoring positions and think about all permutations that could possibly come up for each change of track position.

At the end of the day, I could say one thing for sure – Formula 1 fans were treated with one heck of a race. McLaren would be ruing at the result of the Drivers Championship. Both their drivers who were in a position to take the Championship failed to do so. I would blame it on Alonso for the position they have ended up today – It was just a case of being a bad loser. No one at the start of the season had expected the rookie – Lewis to do this well. By mid season the relationship with Alonso and McLaren started falling all apart. There was just no team work. Both drivers were fighting with each other even at places where there needed to be some understanding between them. This was clearly demonstrated at the start of the race today. Even the post race interviews with the winning drivers proved this point again. More than 70% of what both Ferrari drivers talked was about how the whole team worked together and they were so thankful for each and everyone in the team. Alonso never mentioned this or even if he slightly did do that on one occasion, he never seemed thankful for anyone (For reasons everyone know now).

All in all it was a terrible season for McLaren. Though they were clearly the best team on the circuit, results and circumstances were totally against them.

According to me the highlights of the season were:

  1. Exciting rule changes for the season which brought in lots of life into the sport
  2. Emergence of great drivers like Lewis who have a long way to go here. They have all made a mark for themselves already
  3. Close finish to the season’s Driver Championship. It was the first time in over 20 years that 3 drivers so closely fought it out in the last race
  4. The McLaren – Ferrari espionage controversy

With such a dramatic and exciting season coming to an end and with so many controversies still hanging loose all around, it just paves a way for the next season. Formula-1 fans all around the world would be eagerly waiting for March 2008 for the start of the 2008 season. Lets all hope the 2008 season will be as exciting as this one.


It’s a murky and gloomy morning. You wake up and switch on your computer and login to the virtual world. You are eager to see if anyone has purchased your new creation in the virtual world – The new outdoor lounger.


As your computer starts up you think about the advertisement you had set up to sell your creation.

The new outdoor lounger – set comes complete with table & umbrella as well as 2 loungers. Great for any pool area or deck. Modifiable so you can color anyway you like.

Was it good enough to make a sell, you wonder!


Finally you login to you Second Life and are really elated to see that someone has purchased your Outdoor Lounger. You have made L$300. That’s now enough Linden Dollars to buy that virtual private island you were eying since quite some time now. You make final checks on the virtual property and virtually interact with the property holder and crack a deal. The Linden Dollars exchange hands and now you are the proud owner of the private island on the web.


Seems like fiction? Well, this is the modern World Wide Web (www) for you. This is actual reality and it is happening and working as you read this. There are millions of registered residents on Second Life and presently many of them are creating new gizmos to sell in the virtual world, many are interacting with exciting people, making friends, some are attending Harvard Law classes, some are virtually experiencing the new car on the block, the list is endless.


On the market, Linden Dollar vs US Dollar stands at 271.3 L$/USD as of 26th June, 2007 9:16pm PDT. US Dollars spent in Second Life over last 24 hours $1,680,771 as of 26th June, 2007 7:29pm PDT.


Hard to digest?
Well then digest these:


  • Toyota is the first carmaker to enter Second Life. It has been giving away free virtual vehicles of its Scion brand. Read more>>>
  • Microsoft Uses Second Life to Promote Visual Studio. Read more>>>


When you hear names like Toyota and Microsoft, you know it all ought to be serious.


All this time, I have been talking about Second Life, an Internet-based virtual world. A creation of Linden Research, Inc. Follow this link get a second life>>> 🙂


There is a changing trend in the world we live in and we are unknowingly getting used to this change. More and more of our activities are shifting towards the internet. Nowadays the powerful desktops or laptops we were using to crunch our complex tasks has now virtually become a medium to plug into the Internet and all our work is being done with online applications.


Be it the latest MashUp site, your web desktop, your online spreadsheets, your blog; be it anything on Web 2.0, it has all become a part of our daily life now. Now, unknowingly we are getting used to the new trend on the raise – The Web 3.0.


Artificial intelligence, Distributed computing, Semantic Web, Scalable vector graphics, Second Life are all part of Web 3.0. More and more stress has been put on transforming the web into a 3D space. As we brace ourselves for the new 3D experience of the Internet, I often wonder – Are we ready for it? Is India ready for this change? Is India up to pace with the technology?


Web 1.0 was dial-up, 50K average bandwidth, Web 2.0 is an average 1 megabit of bandwidth and Web 3.0 will be 10 megabits of bandwidth all the time

Reed Hastings, founder and CEO of Netflix, at the Technet Summit, Nov 2006.


If you are a techy guy, you would have understood by now that the most basic infrastructure required for accessing something this heavy is your Internet Bandwidth. I was reading an article recently in the Times of India which had reported a study on how India fares when it comes to Broadband penetration. According to the report, at present the broadband penetration is at an alarmingly low level, at around 4%. This speaks a lot about the hardware infrastructure presently available in the country.


Every common man who wants to get a Broadband connection now in India now knows how hard a task it is. I wanted a broadband connection to my house and had to scout around and went to various providers available. All had the same response. There were not enough ports available and there was already a big queue in place. I finally decided to go with BSNL and applied for it. After a 6 month long wait, I finally got the broadband connection I was looking out for.


So this makes me wonder. Are we sitting on a good enough hardware infrastructure to experience the full power of what the modern day web has to offer? I wonder if there is anything being done to improve it. Are providers in India already thinking about the potential of the broadband market? Is there enough help from the government on this front?


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As the presidential election drama unfolds, here is a very good article which makes you think about the ground realities behind all this.



– The criterion for president is not just loyalty, but future loyalty

Writing On The Wall – Ashok. V. Desai

I did not read the headlines carefully enough. What registered in my mind was that some Patil was chosen as presidential candidate by the Congress and supported by the Bahujan Samaj Party, and that their combined numbers would ensure her election. I could not place the name immediately. Then I remembered that Parvati Patil was a fellow student of Harry Potter. That made her famous enough; and now she must be close to adulthood, so it should be all right. But she had a sister, Padma, who would be equally eligible; which of the two had the Congress chosen?

I looked again, and found it was Pratibha Patil. Good, I thought. We Indians boast of being a democracy. We tell everyone that even a tiffin carrier could become president of India; it is great if we have chosen a really unknown Indian.

But why this preference for obscurity, when we have so many illustrious Indians? There is Amitabh Bachchan, the consummate actor who has the right word for every occasion. There is his daughter-in-law, Aishwarya Rai — sorry, Bachchan — whose eyes would bewitch the whole world. If you are on the other side, there is Shah Rukh Khan, who would display to the nation his patented technology of breaking hearts. And if you want a more international figure, there is Shilpa Shetty, whom the British think of as delectable Miss India.

There is Amartya Sen, the Nobel laureate who can write three speeches in one flight and make each sound different. There is Ram Guha, who can make history as interesting as fiction; his president’s XI that would beat all the world’s cricket teams. If you are on the other side, there is Arundhati Roy, the bad-tempered beauty who has put her literary talent at the service of the goddess of environment. And if you prefer an achiever to a wordsmith, there is Ela Bhatt, who brought a livelihood to poor housebound women.

There is Ratan Tata, the industrialist that the largest number of Indians admire. If you admire size, you can choose Lakshmi Mittal, who controls the world’s largest steel production capacity. Then there is Azim Premji, who turned a vegetable oil factory into India’s biggest software factory. Or there is Sunil Mittal, who defeated every obstructive or greedy telecommunications minister and created a business in ten years as big as what took the Ambanis forty years to develop. And if you like showmanship, none could be better than Vijay Mallya. President’s parties would be adorned by fountains of Scotch; and Abdul Kalam’s herb garden would be replaced by a race course.

There is Vishwanathan Anand, who two months ago became the world’s champion chess player. He would probably not accept presidency while he is at the peak of his career; nor Sania, who is still going up the ladder. Sachin Tendulkar just might, if he accepts the emerging opinion that he is past his peak. I would prefer Mahendra Singh Dhoni, provided he grows his hair long again. But both may decline, since there is more glory in playing cricket before 30 million viewers than in giving the Independence Day speech to 300 schoolchildren and 500 policemen. So maybe we should go down to Kapil Dev, the best living Indian cricketer. Then there are artists: Husain the grand painter, Susmit Sen, leader of Indian Ocean band, and Salman Rushdie, the writer with the beautiful wife.

If the president were elected by direct vote of the Indian people, I bet that any of the 21 people I have named would get more votes than Pratibha Patil. How did the Congress decision-makers reject all of them and settle on her?

The answer could be that much as the prime minister keeps exhorting Indians to achieve excellence, excellence was the last thing they were looking for. Let alone excellence, they did not even want outstanding achievement. Politicians do everything to defeat merit; reservations are standing testimony to their distaste for it.

But more likely, it is a matter of caste. The candidate had to be a politician. It was reported last year, when Sourav Ganguly was ejected from the cricket team, that Buddhadeb Bhattacharjee had offered him a seat in the upper house of parliament. But that was to be a reward, not for being a good cricketer, but for being a victimized Bengali. And it was intended to make a politician out of Sourav. But even in the depths of his misfortune, he refused to convert to politics. In any case, the Communist Party of India (Marxist) would never put up Sourav for presidency; he has achieved too much to qualify.

But lack of achievement cannot be a qualification. Almost every politician would qualify if it were, and it would be impossible to choose a candidate. Even the Congress insists on some qualifications in presidential candidates. The foremost qualification is loyalty. So many people have left the Congress over the years; the Bharatiya Janata Party would be a shadow of itself if all ex-Congressmen left it. And if you are a Congressman, you do not have to leave the party to be disloyal. Since the present Congress is Congress (Indira), any flirtation with Congress (Organization) forty years ago would have disqualified Pratibha Patil. Congress (O) was at least a separate party; even if she had flirted with Narasimha Rao her future would have been blighted. The loyalty required is not loyalty to the party, but to the dynasty of the party.

But even the number of dynasty loyalists is too large; a further criterion of choice was needed. It goes beyond past loyalty; it amounts to future loyalty. After he is made president, the candidate must not develop a conscience and disobey the party’s orders. This is difficult to ensure, for the president can no longer be disciplined for disloyalty to the party. He could be impeached. But disloyalty would not be sufficient grounds for that; something more serious like moral turpitude would be necessary. How can one guarantee that a president would do one’s bidding?

The Congress does so by choosing a candidate who has never taken a decision on his own, even when given a chance to do so. Pratibha Patil was not just a Congress loyalist; she was a Chavan loyalist. That meant that as long as he was alive, she took his advice and did his bidding, even when she was a minister. And when he died, she transferred her obedience to the next dynasty loyalist in Maharashtra. Unshakeable resolution never to act independently was the final qualification that made her the chosen candidate.

So I am afraid Pratibha Patil will be a rather colourless president; forty years’ habit is difficult to break. This is no cause for disappointment, for most previous presidents were no different. Varahagiri Venkata Giri, Fakhruddin Ali Ahmed, Neelam Sanjeeva Reddy, Giani Zail Singh and Shankar Dayal Sharma had the same qualifications as Pratibha Patil. Their tenures were so forgettable that Pratibha Patil cannot do worse. She has a wonderful job; expectations are so low that she can only surprise us. She may have been waiting patiently for forty years to get this chance of surprising the whole nation. Let us wait for the surprise, but do not hold your breath.

As written by Ashok. V. Desai (The Telegraph article)

Bheja Fry

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Bheja Fry- Offical movie website


Official Movie Website>>

Cast: Sarika (Sheetal), Rajat Kapoor (Ranjeet Thandani, Vinay Pathak (Bharat Bhusahn), Ranvir Shorey (Asif, the income tax-officer), Milind Soman (Anant Ghoshal) and Bhairavi Goswami (Suman Rao) Director: Sagar Bellary

Bheja Fry is an awesome movie. I just loved watching it. It’s a movie for everyone. I am very sure everyone who watches this movie will laugh his heart out.


It’s the story of a group of smug urbanites who invite an idiot for dinner every week, laughing up the evening at his expense. Of course, the idiot turns the tables.


Bheja Fry is actually a remake of a French movie Le Diner De Cons (The Dinner Game).


Here is the synopsis of the movie:

Ranjeet Thadani (Rajat Kapoor), a bored, arrogant music company executive hurts his back the night he has found a prize catch for a weekly bring- your-idiot talent dinner hosted by his friends and him. He ends up spending the evening with this idiot, Bharat Bhushan (Vinay Pathak) who tries to help him get his wife (Sarika) back who left him earlier that day. The result is utter chaos let loose by the idiot, who cannot do a single thing without messing it up further.

The plot turns around to be a series of mini disasters that leave Ranjeet’s comfortable life in ruins.


The main protagonist of the movie is Vinay Pathak who plays the role of Bharat Bhushan, a roly-poly officer with the Income Tax department. His innocence and his obsession for singing gets him trapped in Ranjeet Thadani’s house. He shares his pain through Hindi songs and a scrap book which contains memoirs of his childhood. He relentlessly tries to be of some help to Ranjeet Thadani, only to make matters worse on every front. A likeable, warm little fellow, he is undeniably a big time goof up.


I won’t revile reveal much of the movie and spoil your fun. But I do suggest that you make it a point to watch this wonderful movie. This is what a comedy movie should be like- no heavy dialogs, no vulgar slang, no provocative scenes. Just plain ol’ situational comedy. Just perfect to tickle your funny bone a little.


BTW, a point worth mentioning- That the movie is not a long boring one. It’s just around 1 hour 45 minutes long.


Other reviews:

Indian Express Review

Times of India Review

Rediff Review

Happy Birthday to me!

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11th April, 2007 – I was just checking the news to see if something good happened on that day. This is what I found!


Oopsi! Lets not go there again 🙂


The reason I did that was because I turned 25 years old on 11th April, 2007.


It was a very memorable day all through. At the stroke of midnight I started getting calls from a lot of friends to wish me on my birthday. As this was happening, I realized that my cute little sister was standing at the doorstep with a cake and a candle on it 🙂 You can imagine the smile on my face to see something like that. That was really sweet of her.


Cake No.1


It gets better as it goes! I cut the cake and my sister gives me the gifts she had bought. A cute bouquet of exotic flowers which just broadened the smile that was already on my face 🙂 She follows it up with another set of gifts, couple of movies I was searching for from a long time. She had found the DVDs of Million Dollar Baby and Dil Chahta Hai!


Flowers for my Bday

Bday Gifts


Found a vase for those lovely flowers:

Flowers in the vase!


Thank you so much Pujha. Love ya a lot 🙂


I wake up in the morning and I am having my breakfast when I get my second big surprise. My close friends Balaji, Swaroop and Srinivas arrived with a cake for me 🙂


Cake No.2


Thank you guys. You really made my day!


The rest of the day at work was really amazing too. On an average, I got a phone call / a SMS / a mail at least once every 15 minutes! At the end of the day my sent messages folder on my outlook and my phone were filled up with Thank You messages. My Orkut scrapbook was not different either. Almost 40-50 people remembered to wish me there as well 🙂


It was really amazing and touching to see so many people taking time out to wish me on my birthday. Thank you so much everyone. That really meant a lot to me!


I really thought I was through with all surprises for the day. Well I was totally wrong. Guess what? I had another party on the bus way back home! Route 203 is what I ply on – my company bus. I feel really lucky to have chosen this route. Reason- The bus is full of really sweet, enthusiastic and energetic people. We all make it a point to have a gala time till we reach home everyday (A fun way to keep away the Bangalore Traffic blues).


Everyone on the bus had teamed up to get me a cake 🙂 Yes! My third in the day 🙂 Am I lucky or what.


The cake on the bus…


Cake No.3


Thank you everyone on 203. Thank you so much 🙂


I finally reached home and ended the absolutely wonderful day with a warm dinner with my parents and sister. Did have some yummy food at dinner!


Dinner - Starters


And who says birthdays are just another day with nothing special happening… In fact I just discovered that a person celebrates something called Unbithday on any of the 364 or 365 days in which it is not the person’s birthday. So what are you waiting for? Keep wishing me all year through.


Happy Unbirthday to you too…

World Cup 2007 gets underway today. I really wish and pray along with millions of Indians that Rahul Dravid kisses the World Cup on April 28th.

All the best India…

Tell me how many beads there are
In a silver chain
Of evening rain,
Unraveled from the tumbling main,
And threading the eye of a yellow star: –
So many times do I love again…

Its February 14th again and as everyone say, love is in the air. The day where there are flowers, cards, wishes, kisses, gifts, dates and also the day when the color red rules. It’s just that kind of a day when many people prefer getting their pretty red dresses out of the closet. It’s a day when people prefer expressing your deepest emotions to their someone special.

If you are wondering how it all started, how February 14 got symbolically linked with love and sharing… Take a look at what Wikipedia says…

Saint Valentine’s Day or Valentine’s Day is on February 14. It is the traditional day on which lovers express their love for each other; sending Valentine’s cards, candy, or donations to charities, often anonymously. It is very common to present flowers on Valentine’s Day. The holiday is named after two men, both Christian martyrs named Valentine. The day became associated with romantic love in the High Middle Ages, when the tradition of courtly love flourished… more>>

But often there has been this raging debate among many people. On one side, there are a set of people who prefer symbolizing “love and sharing” to the February 14th. On the other side, we have people who feel the Valentines Day is just another over-hyped event.

It’s a busy world out there. People are always on the move. Work and money has taken the highest priorities in life. 24 hours a day seem to be less for most people. Even people staying together often get to meet each other once a week if they are lucky. In such a busy world, it’s really hard to find time to spend some quality time with people you love the most. If you are just this kind of a person, you would want one day that you can totally set aside for your loved ones. February 14th is just that kind of a day when you would want to celebrate your love for each other. Many who fall into this category would be the part of the sect of people who prefer symbolizing love and sharing on the February 14th.

The other sect of people who believe Valentines Day is just another over-hyped event would argue to say “if you are in love with someone, you would make it a point to set aside time for your loved ones”. They believe that expressing your love and feeling just on this  day does not make much sense. It would all depend on your conscious effort to make time for each other. When you are in love, you are in love all the time and not just this day.

Which ever sect you belong to, my advice to you all would be – lighten up and enjoy the fun

Valentines day is not just for those “smug” couples. As Veronica explains…

For all those singles who are complaining about the “smug” couples and how the holiday makes them feel like social outcasts, you are looking at this the wrong way. I’ve had many more Valentine’s Days as a single than as half a couple, and they can still be fun. Get a large group of single/divorced/separated friends together to go out to lunch or dinner. Have one or more (or many more) bottles of wine. Have dessert – lots of dessert. Valentine’s Day is only depressing if you give up or are too lazy to try to make it fun. Besides, it is all the Valentine’s Days we spend as singles that make us enjoy those with a partner all the more.

For other comments on this online debate which happened a few days back – BBC Online debate

Take away love and our earth is a tomb. ~Robert Browning

PS: Interesting read – BBC – India’s fascination with Valentine’s Day

Mungaru Male

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It was just that kind of a week where all my plans crashed and burned. My sis and I decided to catch up on a movie this week. Our initial plan was to make it to “Salam-E-Ishq”. Thanks to the timely advice by one of my friend, we dint make it to this movie which is supposed to be a boringly 3 hours 45 minutes long movie. I finally bought two tickets to “Blood Diamond” which had very good reviews all over the place. Only later in the day, I realized I had forgotten about my friends Bachelors Party. Mom and Dad were the lucky ones to make it to the movie in our place!

After this mayhem of planning, we wanted to now make it to a movie whatever happens. Couple of my friends, my sis and me bought tickets to “Mungaru Male” (which had good ratings too). Going by the fact that I had very less sleep the previous night because of the party, I was very reluctant to make it to this, that too for a night show. But after watching the movie, I felt it was all worth it. It’s been a while since I liked a kannada movie. (Last kannada movie I liked was “AaptaMithra”).

Mungaru Male revolves around the happy go lucky Preetham who accompanies his mother to the hilly area of Madikeri to attend a wedding. He falls for a girl without knowing who she is, and it is only after both of them realise that they are deeply in love that they are struck by a twist.

Ganesh and Sanjana - Mungaru Male Ganesh, better known as ‘Comedy Time’ Ganesh because of his extremely popular TV show has grown from a two-scene comedian to a full-fledged hero. However I still feel he could have done a lot better in terms of acting. But going by the fact that this is his first movie, I would say, he has done a pretty good job. He is the protagonist of the movie.

Sanjana Gandhi, the heroine of the movie is however in my view the week link in the movie. Her acting is far below par. There are lot many other better heroines the movie could have taken in.

Mano Murthy has done a pretty decent job with the songs. Popular songs are ‘Anisuthidhe’, ‘Onde ondu saari’ and ‘Araluthiru’. They are all pretty good to take a place in all our music players for a while.

Things to look out for in the movie:

  • Most of the movie is shot at amazing locations. Breath-taking views of Malnad region that too in the rainy season is the biggest plus in the movie. Making it to Malnad in the rainy season has been added to my To-Do list now
  • A very small part of the movie is shot at an edge of a very beautiful waterfall. There are some great shots of this waterfall – Amazing photography
  • Light comedy that keeps you going all through the movie
  • Anant Nag – His expressions, when he is not using the hearing aid, are really hilarious!

All in all, its quite an interesting movie to watch and I felt it was worth the money and time I spent on it.

My rating: 3.5 / 5

Am finally back :)))

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Here I am – this is me
There’s no where else on earth I’d rather be

It’s a new world – it’s a new start
It’s alive with the beating of young hearts
It’s a new day – it’s a new plan
I’ve been waiting for you
Here I am

Yes, I am finally back home. After staying away for more than two years, I am back to Bangalore.

I switched companies recently. Parted ways with TechMahindra and am with Cognizant now.

Keeping my fingers crossed and hoping I will do well here

India becomes a better sport

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Cricket frenzy India has been evolving in terms of sports following in recent times. People are now looking into other sports as well. This has been a radical but a pleasant change for Indian Sports.

There were times in the past were Cricket was the only sport played and followed in India. It was followed almost like another religion. It was really hard to find an Indian who did not like / know about Cricket (May be it stays that way even now!). Cricket has been a common mans game which has been played on every gully or streets of India. It was quite common to see people of all ages come together to be a part of a Cricket match. India used to always get united when there was a Cricket match around.

To add to this entire following, media went ho-hum if it got to hear anything to do with Cricket. Cricket news used to make big-time headlines and if India was doing well, we could find news about this all over the daily newspapers. If it was an Indo-Pak match the stakes used to catapult many times over. And if India did win their matches against Pakistan, media used to cover it as though they dint have any other news to write / talk about. Almost every page in the newspapers used to have something to with the game. Player stats, match stats, upcoming events, fantasy games to name a few. Every person used to have an opinion about their stars – how they fared, what they could have done better, does he have a future, etc.

All this was good in a way. But the negative side to this was that other sport in India used to take a backseat. There was a broad array of talent in all other sport in India which never used to get a platform to kick off. It was never easy for a sports person to get a simple sponsorship support them to keep their talents alive – all because they were not into Cricket.

There had been tremendous achievements in other sport as well. But it used to always go unnoticed. Karnam Malleswari won the Weight Lifting Bronze Medal in Olympics; Pullela Gopichand won the All England open in 2001. I am sure more than half the population of India never got to know about this when it happened. I am sure it is not hard to find people who still don’t know these names. On the other hand if India had won against even a weak team like Bangladesh it would have got unprecedented media coverage.
All this is changing for good now. In recent times sport viewers are considering about following other sport as well. Now it is really nice to find people ready to sponsor talents like Narain Karthikeyan, Sania Mirza, Rathore, etc. Slowly we can see sports like football, tennis, badminton replacing cricket in every gully or street. All this may have been helped by:

  • India not doing that well in Cricket in recent past
  • Talents like Narain Karthikeyan, Sania Mirza doing well on international circuits
  • Big events like FIFA 2006, F1, ATP tours getting lot better media coverage

Nowadays I find:

  • Pubs going absolutely full when there is a F1 race going on
  • Children who used to take to the streets playing cricket now find it interesting to play Football (Next time you find a group of children playing football near your street, make it a point to observe them. I am sure you will be amazed at all the talent there.)
  • More people wearing football jerseys rather than the common Indian Cricketing Blue
  • People making it a point to watch important ATP tour matches
  • Many fantasy game online for other sport as well

Hope this change in trend continues and we get to see lot more deserving talents come into limelight.