Mungaru Male

Posted: February 2, 2007 in Movies

It was just that kind of a week where all my plans crashed and burned. My sis and I decided to catch up on a movie this week. Our initial plan was to make it to “Salam-E-Ishq”. Thanks to the timely advice by one of my friend, we dint make it to this movie which is supposed to be a boringly 3 hours 45 minutes long movie. I finally bought two tickets to “Blood Diamond” which had very good reviews all over the place. Only later in the day, I realized I had forgotten about my friends Bachelors Party. Mom and Dad were the lucky ones to make it to the movie in our place!

After this mayhem of planning, we wanted to now make it to a movie whatever happens. Couple of my friends, my sis and me bought tickets to “Mungaru Male” (which had good ratings too). Going by the fact that I had very less sleep the previous night because of the party, I was very reluctant to make it to this, that too for a night show. But after watching the movie, I felt it was all worth it. It’s been a while since I liked a kannada movie. (Last kannada movie I liked was “AaptaMithra”).

Mungaru Male revolves around the happy go lucky Preetham who accompanies his mother to the hilly area of Madikeri to attend a wedding. He falls for a girl without knowing who she is, and it is only after both of them realise that they are deeply in love that they are struck by a twist.

Ganesh and Sanjana - Mungaru Male Ganesh, better known as ‘Comedy Time’ Ganesh because of his extremely popular TV show has grown from a two-scene comedian to a full-fledged hero. However I still feel he could have done a lot better in terms of acting. But going by the fact that this is his first movie, I would say, he has done a pretty good job. He is the protagonist of the movie.

Sanjana Gandhi, the heroine of the movie is however in my view the week link in the movie. Her acting is far below par. There are lot many other better heroines the movie could have taken in.

Mano Murthy has done a pretty decent job with the songs. Popular songs are ‘Anisuthidhe’, ‘Onde ondu saari’ and ‘Araluthiru’. They are all pretty good to take a place in all our music players for a while.

Things to look out for in the movie:

  • Most of the movie is shot at amazing locations. Breath-taking views of Malnad region that too in the rainy season is the biggest plus in the movie. Making it to Malnad in the rainy season has been added to my To-Do list now
  • A very small part of the movie is shot at an edge of a very beautiful waterfall. There are some great shots of this waterfall – Amazing photography
  • Light comedy that keeps you going all through the movie
  • Anant Nag – His expressions, when he is not using the hearing aid, are really hilarious!

All in all, its quite an interesting movie to watch and I felt it was worth the money and time I spent on it.

My rating: 3.5 / 5

  1. Shubha K V says:

    definitely a wonderful movie..i must say that everybody should see this’s a must see movie..songs are really superb…music – marvellous…ganesh acting is spenldid..

    My Rating: 5/5…No doubt in that…

  2. Shubha K V says:

    thanks to yograj bhat…for giving us a wonderful movie…

  3. Shubha K V says:

    my favourite songs
    – Onde Ondu Sari…
    – Anisuthide yako indu..(Male)
    – Kunidu Kunidu Bare…
    – Suvvi Suvvaali…..

  4. usha says:

    can anyone mention about the twist in the movie. Just wondering what it was??

  5. humbug says:

    @Shubha: Yeah gr8 movie and gr8 songs

    @Usha: RU not plannin to watch the movie?

  6. Vasanth chandrashekher Halemani says:

    this too good song anisuthide yako indu

    I like very much this song.

    I want say verybody to this thanks for giveing this movie for karanatak people

  7. Murali says:

    I belive its been a ages, watching good kannada movies, its just one of the orsum kannada moive i have watched, appricate the director, cameraman, Ganesh, sanjana and Ananth Nag(as usal)

  8. Murali says:


    Does anybody knows, which is sanjana’s next movie…

  9. Gagan says:

    No idea Murali.. 😦

    And humbug, This is not Ganesh’s first movie.. His Second(As a hero)..

    What a film.. Too good man, too good…

  10. Sujyothi says:

    I have heard from various people about the movie but since i reside in a country which does not play Kannada movies i am unable to watch it.Being a huge fan of the industry and amazing movies it makes and the talents it has…i listen to songs though.
    I was going through the details of the movie and some sites…I was shocked to see that WE Kannadigas have so much talent,why is the industry hiring singers from bollywood?
    I have nothing against them,but m concerned about the talents in our own land which is vanishing into thin air.
    There are wonderful programmes like ‘yede tumbi haaduvenu’ which bring to light so many talents…why doesnt the industry and movie makers like the Music Director-Mano Murthy
    Director- Yograj Bhat,who have fabulous talent give our talents some chance to take Kannada industry to heights?
    Its an appeal to the industry to help enhance talents instead of making already famous rich more and rich and famous…where there are more people who are from this cultural land who can do a great job as well…
    I am hoping my voice reaches the right ears and does what it is aimed to…
    All the best to the industry!

  11. humbug says:

    @Murali: No idea about her next movie. Am not that keen to follow up as well 🙂

    @Gagan: You are right. Its not his first movie. But I actually meant was that it was his first movie as a protagonist.

    @Sujyothi: You are very right. There is an abundance of talent here but its heartening to find it going unnoticed. But speaking about the songs and singers chosen, its something quite unique that has been done with the songs in this movie, which is quite refreshing to see and hear.

    People like changes. Where there is a break from routine, things click. I am sure you would agree if I said a movie like Dil Chahta Hai which did so many things different for a change brought about a revolution. We saw conversations happen on the screen rather than dialogs being delivered. It was so refreshing that it has gone on to be a all-time-hit.

    So I guess Mano Murthy has intended to make something unique and different here.

  12. Sujyothi says:

    i agree in issue is..why again and again…this is not the first time Udit Narayan or Kunal are singing in Kannada,so where is the uniqueness in it?

  13. humbug says:

    @Sujyothi: 🙂 Looks like you are totally against this!

    Uniqueness… Hmmm… Lets put it this way… First time these singers have ended up making each and every song in a Kannada movie so popular. I bet you would agree if I said, theres not a place left which is not playing these songs. You turn on the radio its there, turn on the television its there…

    I myself am obsessed with the songs. I listen to every song at least once a day!

  14. ram says:

    can you guys please tell me the where is that water falls

  15. saggie says:

    jogfalls!!!! its amazing!!

  16. Harsh says:

    Off what a movie AWESOME is not the word…… Have seen it 7 times. The more i see the movie the more am liking it. I have not watched kannada movie for ages. i dont even remember when waz the last kannada movie i watched…..But This one is great….itz left a deep impact on me and it has changed my life…..Thanks Ganesh…….. Thank you so very much…… Ganesh U Rock Bro…. Thanks once again Ganesh…… U made a difference 2 my life.

  17. achelis says:

    I haven’t seen the movie yet but I have seen all the songs online. Mano Murthy has done great job. I loved ‘Anisuthidhe’ and ‘Onde ondu saari’. Great photography too,
    But really feel pity for acting and dance capabilities of hero.
    He does not fit in movie.

  18. manju says:

    I really love the movie.

  19. sri says:


    This is wonderful movie. Dont miss it watch da movie and enjoy.

    Ganesh acting is marvales.Songs are nice but the tragic is that the ending seen of devdas.

  20. Deepthi.M says:

    Hi I m Deepthi
    Dear achelis i think u need to watch the movi first and then comment bout the hero i feel pitty for u coz u have missed to watch this movi so plz go N WATCH the movi before commenting is superb ganesh is a brriliant actor and has done a great job.Whatever u accept or not or karnataka people have accepted from heart all the best for u in ur future for other comments take care dude.

  21. Deepthi.M says:

    hay m Deepti
    Hi to every one i have watched the movi and this is the first movi in my whole life that i have watched it for 17 times its a fantastic Movi can watct watct watch many times coz its not booring it has more real life commedy and cant even talk bout Ganesh Acting its Brilliant hay guys i request u all who havent watched the movi to watch it its worth watchin it its simply superb cheers!!!

  22. shiv the don says:

    superb, awesome,, camera work plus comedy is too good… keep going and make us kannadigas feel proud in every aspect

  23. Harish says:

    Every aspect of this movie is excellent.
    This movie is simply mind blowing .

    The breathtaking way in which the beauty of jog falls has been captured. Just for jog falls scenes itself this movie can be watched once more. What a fantastic photography by Krishna!

    What a matured performance from Ganesh! He has a bright future.
    Great direction by Yogaraj Bhat. Excellent music by Mano Murthy.

    A definite watch movie!

    I am very happy that some of the recent kannada movies like Cyanide, Care of Footpath, Jote Joteyali (particularly Music is very good though story is average), Sixer, kallarali hoovagi, Mungaru Male,Arasu,Duniya with most of the movies with newcomers have been excellent movies.
    I wish this trend continues in Kannada film industry.

  24. I would like 2 thank the whole mungaru male team 4 producing such a wonderful kannada movie,especially sanjana and ganesh.You have done a wonderful job.
    I would like 2 suggestto all of you guys out there to watch this movie.Who knows it may reform you 2 as it reformed me.
    The songs in the movie take away the cake.
    It is the best kannada movie ever…

  25. Raj says:


    its a wonderfull movie to watch, i like the locations nd photo art at jog ,,, brought lot of beauty to the place, songs are mond blowing i never heard such good songs ever in recent movies, Duniys is also a wonderful movie, thanks for the kannada industry for giving such wonderful movie, my last movie was seen in ages ,, i think its worth watchin ,,i like the dialogue in rain ganesh said to sanjana .. overall i wud rate 5/5 for this movie ..

  26. Anil says:

    very good movie

  27. ravi says:

    A must see movie
    next to

    with different story
    Best thing is this is not a remake.
    Good scenary and light comedy.
    casting good
    Nice songs
    Olle film maarayre.
    “Artha agilva…aagod beda”

  28. shridhar says:

    You guys made me very ’emotional’ and ‘jeleous’ too. :-)).

    At this point of time I am in NY (US) and comming back to bangalore in may end. still 1 and half month to go.. to see mungaru male..

    Yogaraj bhat has made all of us proud. He has just given befitting answers to all our own ‘routine’ ‘remak’ers.. though he sheer work.

    following movies are my hit list..
    mungaru male

    I wish and pray to GOD that this trend would continue.. and we get to see more and more creative and originals(non-remake) from our (kannada) film industry.

    ‘Achha’.. kannadiga..

  29. S.Avil says:

    Hi guys n gals, What to tell about the movie am speechless. Its an wonderful movie all plus points songs music photography locations action. Totally a blockbuster.

  30. meghanath says:

    Oh my god such beaautyfull movie which i never seen in my life…really i have no words to express myself after watching this movie…
    infact i am a tamilan i got mad watching this movie..specially the songs n both actors also done a great job in there first movie…wat more i should say…i alrdy seen this movie for more than 8times….n i vil still cotinus the same….
    tht was nice sharing my feelings throug this..thank u for

  31. shridhar says:

    finally ‘mungaru male’ is getting screened in New York ( bombay theater) on 11th may by kannada koota NY.. THANKS to them..

    anisuthide yaako indu.. mungaaru male noduvenendu..

    keep watching kannada movies

    along with ‘sirigannadam gelge’.. ‘sirigannadamovie kuuda gelge’..

  32. Murty says:

    Ellaru Nodabekada Kannada Chitra idu (All Kannadiga’s must watch this film)

    Now there are 6 to 7 Kannada TV Channels in Karnataka. In all these TV channels at least 3-4 times (minimum) a day telecast the great songs of “MUNGARU MALE”. This shows the greatness of this movie. Now this movie steping forward for 150th successful day in all over Karnataka (nearly in 80 theaters).

    Good wishes to all the Artists.


  33. Pramod says:

    Hai this is,
    I saw the film Mungaru Male last week.
    Wow!it was ossum, wonderful,superb,beautiful,fantastic,best & excellent movie.I saw this movie 7 times with my friends,2 times with my family,1 time alone like Devdas of Mungaru Male,1time with my cousins.
    The songs were great!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    The sceneary was so attractive that I didn’t sleep whole night.

    All the best to Ganesh & Sanjana Gandhi.

  34. RAVI says:

    Hi i am Ravi(papanna) , from Adakamaranahalli, I saw the movie and it is so wonerfull, I feel so happy when i saw the movie. ALL THE BEST GANESHSNNA.

  35. govind says:

    hi,i think those who have stopped watching kannada films have started to watch again.i think this is fatal attraction.please go and watch this movie.its wonderful piece of film making.

  36. ravi patil says:

    we haven’t heard such type of beautiful songs recently now a days its so nice songs. we like to hear again and again by such a talented singers.In acting both of their expressions are very nice and both did very hard work, so and watch that movie atleast once

  37. hi ganesh hagaidhira nimma film alla thumba chennagide nanu nimma dhoda fan edannu nodida kudale nanage mil,message kalstira alva nimma commedy time thumba chennagi udaya TV alli mudibarutide nimma abhimani pallavi poojari

  38. JK says:

    I have not seen this move. But have read lots of reviews. The music by Mano Murthy is excellent………Th song starting with “MUNGARU MALE….” has lot of lyrics and makes your mind cool…..I feel Sonu Nigam has done a great job singing this song, though the accent may not be that perfect… But then music doesn’t have a language…I hear it every day. Kudos to the lyricist and the music director………..

  39. SMITHA says:

    movie is beautiful &fantastic.iwish to all the best for ur future movie.

  40. vinodkumar says:

    “Mungaru male ” film is ventastic move…
    ganesh my fevret hero ……
    is song is very butiful…
    i happy………..

  41. vinodkumar says:

    My fevret song
    1.anisuthidhe yako…
    2.kunidu kunidhu bare….
    3.suvvi suvali…….

  42. parvathi says:

    hi ganesh………………….mungaru male movie was superb………….love u a lot…………….hv a great future………..bye…………..

  43. Santhosh.L says:

    A very gud movie moreover a clean movie …………….hats of to Yograjbhat n his crew………………

  44. sumi says:

    really you r rocking..
    we love you a lot

  45. sheetal says:

    wish u best of luck for your bright future..
    wishes from smita VINU N ME

  46. SMITU says:


  47. hi ganesh your very smart

  48. please reply the msg

    i m waiting for you

  49. sunil says:

    please replt msg

  50. siddu says:

    msg me soon hai ganesh wish u best of luck for ur future films thank u

  51. raghu says:

    hai ganesh your film is very buitifulll
    I like mungaru male songs

  52. raghu says:

    when mungaru male got success we also got mungaru male. it is very intersting film ganesh action is too good. he is realy lucky .realy i m thankful to ganesh and director yogaraj bhat
    i wish god bless to ganesh.

  53. muttu says:

    I am the fan of ganesh.Iam proud of gabesh his films are amazing to see I REQUESTED TO HIS FILMS & CHANG YOU LIFE WITH GANISH

  54. Ganesh rocks.I seriously feel he is da best n sexy actor. mmmmmmuuuuuuuuuaaaaahhhhhhhh luv yu GANI..I am really jealous abt shilpa.Newaz she is da luckiest of all luv u sweet heart…..

  55. nitin says:

    hai ganesh namaskra namaskra namaskra namaskra namaskra namaskra namaskra u film was very good man we wall r very happy and sanjna was to smart and very buttyfull girl wish u all the best man we all r love u man

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