The new look I wear

Posted: December 5, 2005 in Life, Me

This Friday, I was standing in front of the mirror with my razor. Looked into the mirror and told myself, “Since how long has the look on that face changed?”. That’s when I decided I should try something new. Now, if you see me around, you will notice one thing missing from my face. Could you guess what ??? I guess you would have guessed by now. Anyways let me tell you what it is. You wont see that mush I had on my face now 😉 .

Now if you take that grin out off you face, I should tell you, I have got quite a good feedback on my new looks. About 80% of the people who have seen me say that this look suits me.

Some of the notable comments I have got:

You look 2 years younger …

What were you thinking …

Are you alright today?

Waise hi rehene de, Accha lag raha hain

Whatever anyone says, this look is here to stay for a while 🙂 . But one thing that everyone will agree is that I look way too different without the mush. It took a while to take in the fact that I am looking at myself in the mirror!

So don’t be surprised the next time you see me!

  1. humbug says:

    @Swa : It will cost u dear!

    Ready for it?

  2. Swaroop C H says:

    @humbug: Okay, am holding on to the chair … now, ready!

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